Wood Burning Fireplace Allergies

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Wood Burning Fireplace Allergies

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Don’t allow those with respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies to be exposed to a fireplace or wood-stove for too long. Make certain there is adequate ventilation to offset any smoke that is emitted (open windows a crack if need be). Avoid using a chemical accelerant, like lighter fluid, to ignite the fire. Burning wood in a stove or fireplace is a common thing to do and can create a nice, cozy and warm atmosphere. Wood burning, however, also releases a broad range of indoor air pollution and be a severe trigger for allergy symptoms.

In two German studies household wood or coal stove use was negatively associated with atopic sensitization and allergic rhinitis in childhood. Wood stove … Gas fireplaces are seemingly what you would get if you mixed wood-burning fireplaces and electric fireplaces. Sometimes there are even “logs …

What: As mentioned, firewood brought into the home can contain mold spores. Wood burned in a fireplace can release irritating smoke and other airborne pollutants into the home environment, potentially causing allergic rhinitis or asthma symptoms. Respir Med. 2001 Nov;95(11):911-6. Wood stove heating, asthma and allergies. Kilpeläinen M(1), Koskenvuo M, Helenius H, Terho E. Author information:

But a wood-burning fire in your fireplace can cause health problems, especially if you or a family member has a history of lung disease. Does anyone have family members with allergies or asthma? How does wood burning affect them as far as a wood burning stove used to heat …

smoke from your neighbor’s wood stove can seep into your house even when your chest tightness, headaches, and allergy symptoms. Although anyone can … Run a pot of water on your stove top Especially true when low humidity outdoors. Also she may Allergies with wood burning…yep, there bad.

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