Signs Of Mold Allergy

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Signs Of Mold Allergy

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Signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis caused by mold allergy can include: Sneezing. Runny or stuffy nose. Cough and postnasal drip. Itchy eyes, nose and throat. Watery eyes. Dry, scaly skin. The symptoms of mold allergy are very similar to the symptoms of other allergies, such as sneezing, itching, runny nose, congestion and dry, scaling skin. Mold spores get into your nose and cause hay fever symptoms. They also can reach the lungs and trigger asthma.

WebMD shows you 10 ways to fight the fungus and reduce mold allergy symptoms from dust masks to bottles of bleach. Mold allergy symptoms can be similar to those of other respiratory allergies: Nasal congestion. Runny nose. Sneezing. Irritated eyes. Coughing. Wheezing. Itchy throat.

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