Shar Pei Food Allergies

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Shar Pei Food Allergies

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If your shar pei has allergies, you know how painful it can be. response of the immune system to external allergens, such as pollen and food. The most common dog food allergens are: beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, fish, corn, wheat, and soy. There can be other reasons to avoid lots of carbs in your dog’s diet, but food allergies are related to proteins. Otherwise, try to feed your Shar-Pei a good quality diet that has good sources of meat protein.

The proper diet is very important for the life and health of your Shar-Pei. Certainly food allergies can develop and special diets may become necessary. Farm’s Harvest Adult Dog Food and Solid Gold Wolf King with Bison are both great options for feeding a Shar-Pei. These dry dog kibbles have healthy protein to provide dogs with lots of energy and stamina, plus added produce, minerals, and nutrients to support dogs’ complete health.

If your shar-pei doesn’t suffer from a skin disorder, consider yourself lucky. Some skin issues result from food, flea or environmental allergies, causing skin … The best way to prevent food allergies is to feed your dog a high quality, PREMIUM dog food, without soy, corn or wheat. Many dogs are very allergic to the saliva of the flea. Symptoms are intense itching and scratching; it can take only one bite to set a severely allergic dog into ripping its skin apart.

Another contributing cause of skin allergies can be a hormone imbalance. Stop feeding dry or canned food and switch to anatural diet of fresh raw food. The Shar Pei dogs are prone to skin disease (shar pei eczema/shar pei Shar Pei Food Allergies: The Shar pei breed has a higher incidence of food allergies …

Scenthounds; Schnauzers; Shar Pei; Sheepdogs; Sighthounds; Spitz Breeds There a number of foods that dogs can be allergic to but the most common are … Shar Pei Food Allergies. The best option is a raw food diet, but this is not managable for some owners. The next best option is a grain-free diet.