Pepperidge Farm Milano Nut Allergy

I would like to buy Pepperidge Farm cookies, but their products sold here in The regular Milano cookies are made on a dedicated line. I do not know about the factory, but the goldfish crackers and milanos are peanut free..I have called Pepperidge Farm several times over the past couple of We are known by many consumers to be peanut tree nut free and we .

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On . I’m pretty sure I recently saw some pepperidge farm cookies that didn’t have nuts in the actual ingre.nts but had a ‘made on shared lines’ type warning..I use Pepperidge Farm products a lot because I really trust them. I know they make a ton of products containing nuts, and this used to make me very nervous my son is PA and TNA . But I’ve called them several times, and each rep I’ve spoken to has told me that for those products without warnings on the label, they use separate facilities not just separate production lines for nut .