Milk Allergy Symptoms In 1 Year Old

Formula milk is a very good complementary food for your baby’s growth and development. Now getting formula-rich milk is also getting easier. But if your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, will buying formula milk also be that easy? Of course, parents also need to know what milk allergy symptoms in 1 year old. Because it starts here, they can take action and choose safe milk for the little one.

Milk allergy symptoms in 1 year old usually occurs a few minutes to several hours after the child consumes milk. This usually occurs due to the condition of the immune system which is still minimal and vulnerable, thus assuming that the protein content in cow’s milk is a dangerous substance. In the end, the baby’s immune system will react against the protein found in cow’s milk and cause an allergic reaction in the baby’s body.

The Characteristics Of The Little Cow Milk Allergy.


If your little one coughs when you drink cow’s milk formula, look further. Do not underestimate the reaction. This could be a sign that his body rejects milk that enters his body. This type of cough due to cow’s milk allergy can actually be a dry cough or phlegm. Usually coughing from an allergic reaction will occur every time your child drinks cow’s milk and lasts for a long time.

Nausea And Even Vomiting

Nausea after drinking cow’s formula is a sign that your child’s digestion rejects milk that enters the body. This can be an indication that your child does have cow’s milk allergy. Even under certain conditions, this nausea is also accompanied by vomiting.


If after drinking cow formula milk your child has diarrhea, it could be a reaction to cow’s milk allergies. This digestive disorder generally doesn’t only happen once. Even your child can get diarrhea several times until his body is weak. If you have this, you should immediately stop giving cow formula milk and give diarrhea immediately.

Cow’s milk allergy reaction can also be difficulty in swallowing milk, stomach feels bloated, red spots appear on the skin, watery eyes until swollen on the face. If the condition is getting more serious, immediately seek help from the doctor. Parents should also immediately replace cow formula milk that is usually given with other milk such as soy formula or lactose-free milk. For the little one who is allergic to cow’s milk, Morinaga Specialties milk can also be an option.

Reaction Of Milk Allergy Symptoms In 1 Year

Signs and symptoms of infant incompatibility with formula milk can actually attack several parts such as digestion, skin, airways and other organs. However, despite experiencing the same allergic reaction, it turns out that babies have different allergic response times. Let’s see the explanation!

Milk Allergy Symptoms In 1 Year Old

Fast Reaction

For babies who are very sensitive to cow’s milk formula, usually the reaction will take place very quickly. Symptoms of an allergic reaction will be immediately seen within 45 minutes after the baby drinks formula milk. Symptoms that appear are usually characterized by the appearance of red spots (such as measles) or itching in the baby. Not only that, at this stage of the reaction the baby can also show other reactions ranging from sneezing, red nose and eyes, to wheezing.

Medium Reaction

In some babies, allergic symptoms can also occur around 45 minutes to 20 hours after the baby drinks formula cow’s milk. This reaction enters the moderate reaction level. At this level babies usually experience vomiting and even diarrhea. In this case you should immediately take action. Taking him to the doctor or giving ORS is an effort that you can do, so your child doesn’t get dehydrated from losing a lot of fluids.

Slow Reaction

In some cases, there are also babies who show an allergic reaction after 20 hours of consuming cow’s milk formula. This can occur in some babies because the body still has a fairly slow response. Symptoms that appear not much different from the previous level, babies can experience dermatitis (skin disorders), diarrhea, even constipation (difficulty defecating).

The appearance of differences in reaction time in infants is also due to the presence of an immunological intermediary, Bun. When the baby shows a fast allergic reaction, this is because the allergies are mediated by IgE (immunoglobulin E antibodies). Whereas in the case of a slow allergic reaction, allergies are usually not mediated by IgE.

Even though they have different reaction times, milk allergy symptoms in 1 year old must immediately be overcome. That way, the effect of sustainability will not befall the baby Mother.

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