Dog Allergy Testing Kit

Comprehensive Reporting Affordable Pet Test is the most comprehensive and cost efficient Intolerance Allergy test kit on Amazon today. This test screens for .Original hair and saliva scan identifying over stressors in your dog st and The test covers a wide range of allergens and at close to one third the cost of .

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I have a dog that according to this test is pretty much allergic to life. All that being said we found a food that cut out of the ingre.nts that it said she was allergic to and she hasn’t had a breakout since..ImmuneIQ is a kit that you can purchase so that you can test your dog for common allergies at home. The kit is extremely simple, it’s basically a note card with two tiny zip close bags. One bag is empty and the other has half of a cotton swab. You fill the empty bag with fur by brushing your dog with a brush and then cleaning the hair out of .