Cyclosporine For Dogs Allergies

Cyclosporine For Dogs Allergies. Cyclosporine is also known as Atopica and has been used to treat immune problems in animals. Dogs with skin allergies caused by inhaled irritants such as pollen, dust mites and grasses respond well when treated with cyclosporine although dogs with allergies caused by food or flea bites don’t. Cyclosporine is contraindicated for use in dogs with a history of neoplasia. Cyclosporine (Atopica) is a potent systemic immunosuppressant that may cause the susceptibility to infection and the development of neoplasia. Gastrointestinal problems and gingival hyperplasia may occur at the initial recommended dose.

Cyclosporine For Dogs Allergies

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Treating canine and feline dermatoses with cyclosporine has been the … associated with many allergic and immune-mediated skin diseases. Cyclosporine appears to also have the potential to injure the liver. An increase in the number of ear infections (otitis externa) appears to occur in dogs receiving cyclosporine. It is hard to sort out the cause. Most dogs with chronic skin allergies already have ear problems.

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Most of my readers will know that allergies result from an incorrect response of … cyclosporine is used for a variety of skin conditions in both humans and pets. … pyoderma, and Malassezia dermatitis ruled out as a cause of the allergies. As long as dogs meet these criteria, I use modified cyclosporine:.

Although Cyclosporin is very good for treating allergies in dogs, it takes more than just medication to completely rid the dog of the allergens and prevent. Consider alternative therapies for treating pets with allergies. When Cyclosporine first started being used in human transplant patients to …

So we’ve been fighting with Beo’s allergies since last February. … We often put dogs on Cyclosporine, as it’s generic Atopica, but slightly more powerful and … My 7 year old dachshund Sadie has been on cyclosporine for almost 2 years because none of the other allergy treatments would help her (we …