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Chinese Medicine For Allergies

Chinese Medicine For Allergies. When the allergy is predominantly due to one organ, you’ll show more symptoms related to a specific organ. Issues with sneezing and coughing? TCM relates … Traditional Chinese medicine uses a combination of herbs, diet, and acupuncture to provide relief from allergies. Learn more about allergy treatments.

Chinese Medicine For Allergies

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The most common Chinese herbs used for treatment of allergies include combinations of: Japanese catnip, Schizonepeta tenuifolia, and fang feng, Siler divaricata – believed to dispel wind. Angelica dahurica, xin yi hua (magnolia flower buds) and Xanthium sibiricum – to dry phlegm and mucus. People suffering from food allergies aren’t always aware that their symptoms are caused by the food they are eating. It often can be more …

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What’s more, the herbs in Astra 8 are Qi tonics that support astragalus to boost the immune and energy systems. Other formulations include Pei Min Kan Wan, which can relieve the discomfort of fall allergies, and Fang Feng Xin Yi Wan, which may help those suffering from hay fever. Traditional Chinese Medicine for Allergic Asthma and Cough. One function of astragalus is to build a strong defence system against viral or allergic invaders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats allergic disease by regulating the immune system to eliminate the root of the problem, whether the condition is … In addition to respiratory symptoms, allergies may show up as eczema, rashes, In Chinese medicine, the immune system relies heavily on the lung network or …

Chinese herbs can reduce inflammation in the nasal passages, clear up nasal congestion, stop a runny nose and also boost the immune system. The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is very effective at treating allergy symptoms. Allergy relief with acupuncture and Chinese herbs is possible! Our New York clinic provides a combination of Chinese herbs and weekly …

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