Cat Allergic To Crystal Litter

Cat Allergic To Crystal Litter. Cat litter may contain chemicals, bentonite, silica dust, clay and/or fragrances that can cause your cat to exhibit allergies and begin avoiding the litter box. Cats that have already been diagnosed with other allergies will be more prone to developing a litter allergy. While standing in the check out line at the grocery store I noticed that the women in line behind me was purchasing cat litter crystals rather than the traditional …

Cat Allergic To Crystal Litter

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Like us, cats can have allergies to a wide variety of environmental culprits. Although most people want to run and change the litter or rip out … Cat litters most know for causing allergic reactions with cats are those based on clay. The reason for this is that clay-based litters typically create a lot of dust and, as it happens, dust is a well-known allergen. Fragrances are also added to cat litter in order to help control odor problems.

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At the moment we are trying to get him on an all natural cat litter or at least Litter made out of silica crystals is chemically inert, zero dust and … If you want to try out crystal cat litter but don’t know where to start, a good if you have allergies or just want less dust in the house, you will like crystals cat litter

Cat owners with asthma or dust allergies may want to use the less-dusty litter crystals. The litter crystals are also less likely to lead to the growth of bacteria and … If you have a cat with allergies, you know the expense and heartache that comes Some crystal litters are made from sand instead of silica, but these are also …

We have been using “crystal” cat litter that is a silica gel for several months. It is far and away the best litter we’ve tried in terms of odor control … Are You or Your Cat Allergic to Your Cat Litter? Some cat litters may trigger allergic reactions in both humans and felines. This often happens after inhaling silica dust, a common byproduct found in many clay-based litters.

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