Bismuth Oxychloride Nickel Allergy

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Bismuth Oxychloride Nickel Allergy

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Though several ingredients may be to blame, one in particular—bismuth oxychloride—is worth looking into. It is known to be irritating, and may also be quite a … Now that I read all of this, especially combined w/ my Nickel allergy, I think it’s got to be the makeup It seems its from the Bismuth Oxychloride in Bare Minerals.

Bismuth oxychloride may cause a variety of allergic reactions in some Bare Escentual users. It can cause itching, swelling, oily skin and rashes, after even a single use. My first brush with a nickel allergy was when I bought the cutest 14K I guess the main culprit is bismuth oxychloride, which is a trigger for …

This may lead to clogged pores, irritated skin, itching, red bumps, and many other unwanted reactions. If you find that you are allergic to mineral makeup, bismuth oxychloride is the most likely culprit. Mica. Another problematic ingredient is mica. Bismuth oxychloride can be found on the ingredient list of cosmetics ranging from nail polish to bronzers to blush and eyeshadow.

It has bismuth ocxychloride-“bismuth oxychloride is derived from a heavy ..I am allergic to nickel and several other cosmetic related products! That reaction is likely caused by the ingredient bismuth oxychloride. While bismuth oxychloride is a common ingredient in both traditional and mineral makeup, problems with the ingredient have surface in mineral makeup because it is made with much higher concentrations.

I was nervous about bismuth oxychloride because I had read it caused rashes and acne, ****Some people with nickel allergy react to mica. Mica and bismuth oxychloride are both used as materials to produce a .On the Nickel allergy subject, I’m a little Confused as when I had 100 …